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Pork Butcher (Wet Market) - NBCT (ID: 7273)
Consumer Products / FMCG
All others
Position Level
Working Hours
44 Hours (6 Days)
* Perform butchering tasks, including cutting, trimming, and preparing pork cuts according to established standards. * Ensure the quality and freshness of all pork products in the display case. * Provide excellent customer service by assisting customers with product selection, answering questions, and offering cooking recommendations. * Maintain a clean and sanitized work area, following hygiene and safety guidelines. * Operate and maintain butchery equipment, ensuring it is in good working condition. * Monitor and adhere to food safety regulations and guidelines.
* Proven experience as a Pork Butcher for at least 3 years. * Knowledge of different pork cuts and butchery techniques. * Strong attention to detail and precision in butchering. * Excellent customer service and communication skills.
Published on 2024-02-21
North South Line
Jurong East