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Warehouse Supervisor (ID: 7054)
Logistics/Supply Chain
Position Level
Working Hours
8.30am-5.30pm (Monday to Friday) , 8.30am-12.30pm (alternate Saturday)
*Manage the receiving, shipping, handling, distribution, and storage of all freight, product, and supplies that come in and out of corporate warehouses. *Ensure all production orders are shipped to customers in a timely manner in adherence to delivery schedules. *Communicate all delays or variances in inbound/outbound freight to the appropriate parties. *Maintain strict control over inventory levels in order to meet internal and external demand of product. *Plan warehouse layout and space requirements in order to prevent loss or damage, and to achieve full warehouse optimization. *Take into account full implications of freight turnover, size, weight, and other factors when allocating warehouse space. *Maintain appropriate and complete documentation regarding regulated products and/or hazardous materials. *Supervise a team of warehouse employees, delegation, training, performance evaluation, disciplinary actions. *Conduct periodic spot-checks of inventory levels, supplies, or equipment. *Identify discrepancies between inventory records and take action. *Investigate causes of lost or damaged shipments and other matters; make adjustments where necessary. *Implement and monitor performance metrics for shipping and receiving. *Supervise improvements, and contractors, including, repairs, and refurbishment.
*Secondary education or equivalent. *Supervisory or leadership experience, even at a lower level, is often preferred. Experience in managing a team can be valuable. *Strong verbal and written communication skills to interact with team members, management, and possibly external partners. *Able to identify and address issues that arise in the warehouse, such as delays, inventory discrepancies, or equipment malfunctions. *Proficiency in operating forklifts and other warehouse machinery.
Published on 2023-09-14
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