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Electrical Site Engineer (ID: 7017)
Electrical engineering
Position Level
Working Hours
Mon to Sat 8am to 5pm
Our client is looking for electrical site engineer for overseeing the electrical aspects of construction projects at various sites. Their duties may include: * Reviewing electrical plans and specifications to ensure compliance with regulations and project requirements. * Supervising the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems at the construction site. * Coordinating with other site engineers, contractors, and project managers to ensure smooth project execution. * Conducting regular inspections to ensure electrical systems are functioning correctly and addressing any issues that arise. * Ensuring that all electrical work is carried out in accordance with safety standards and regulations. * Providing technical guidance and support to the project team and resolving any electrical-related challenges. * Keeping accurate records of electrical work, progress, and materials used.
* A bachelor's degree in electrical engineering or a related field. * Previous experience in electrical engineering, particularly in construction or site-related work, is typically required. * Proficiency in electrical design, installation, and maintenance. Knowledge of relevant software and tools is beneficial. * Ability to analyze and solve electrical problems that may arise during construction. * Meticulousness in overseeing electrical work to ensure accuracy and compliance.
Published on 2023-08-18
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Toa Payoh