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Operations Manager (ID: 5702)
Heavy Industrial/Machinery/Equipment
Logistics/Supply Chain
Position Level
Working Hours
8.45am-5.30pm (Mon-Fri), 8.45am-12.30pm (Alt Sat)
Job Function To monitor, control, direct and coordinate the Operations Department duties and responsibilities while continuously promoting improvement through more effective and efficient approach to boost the whole team’s performance as well as Company’s overall performance. Essential Functions 1. Lead Operations team in their daily tasks and manage overall Operations Department duties. Work closely with the subordinates and delegate job according to each personnel’s traits and skills. Monitor their performance and give generous feedback for their future improvement, enforces the right procedures to be followed properly in daily operations duties. 2. Enforces timely documents clearance and make sure all documents are well-organized and properly handled. Enforces daily updating of information into the system and works with Accounts Department to meet the monthly closing requirements. 3. Supervise daily delivery / collection of machines for an efficient, well-prepared and smooth equipment handling to / from our yard and customers as well as minimize mistakes / inaccuracy in documentations checking / other requirements to be fulfilled prior to delivery. 4. Manage the arrangement of daily transportation for rental equipment. Monitor and review transportation costs. Prepare future forecast based on number of trips done and time spent on each delivery / collection in the past in order to improve overall transportation management as well as maximizing the utilization of the transportation available. Performs frequent checks on daily transportation plan and conforms to budget limitations and works to improve performance. 5. Lead the team in investigates and resolves complaints regarding transportation, documentations and non-returned items / lost items issue and other issues related to operations in general as well as provide solution to prevent repeating the same mistake in the future.
1. Bachelor Degree from any major with at least 5 years experiences in similar job scope or those who has experience working in similar industries is desirable. 2. An individual who possess analytical skill and problem-solving skills to deal with various types of issues in a dynamic and fast-paced working environment. 3. Persistent leader who can lead, mentor and grow together with the team.
Published on 2021-09-06
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