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Production Worker | Defu Lane (ID: 5255)
All Manufacturing
Position Level
Working Hours
44 hours
 Maintain Personal Hygiene by Wearing the Required Protective Gear 在工作时穿卫生服并保持个人卫生  Obey the Assignments and Orders delegated by Supervisor 听取主管委派的任务  Compliance with the company’s ISO22000 Quality Management System 遵循ISO22000的操作守则  Compliance with the company’s Rules and Regulations 遵循公司的的操作守则  Complete Other Tasks Assigned to You by Supervisor 完成主管委派的其他任务 Job Description: Handling of Dough处理面团  Be Familiar with Different Types of Flour 认识并学会分辨各类粉料  Adjust the Dry Humidity of Flour to Tailor to Customers’ Needs 调整粉料的适当湿度以达到不同客户的需求  Making of Dough with Various Recipes 生产各配方的面团 Handling of Machines处理设备  Technical Handling of Machines to Ensure Products Meet the Required Standards 操作设备以生产达标的面类产品  Ensure Machines are Arranged in an Orderly Manner 确保生产设备正确排列  Clean and Reinstate Workstations Daily 每日清理工作站与设备并上的尘埃以保持清洁  Ensure the Floor is Kept Clean and Dry 确保工作范围的地板干净 Handling Raw Materials处理原材料  Mixing Ingredients Accordingly with Product Formulation 根据产品配方混合原材料  Routinely Verify the Inventory of Raw Materials and Report for Replenishment of Stock 定期点算原材料库存并安排补货
Published on 2020-12-18
North East Line